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Darco Appreciation Week

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[Thursday, Mar 22nd, 2007  »  12:02am]

[ mood | crushed ]

Aw. Over already? =[

Thanks so much to everyone who posted something. ALL of your contributions were greatly appreciated. I know the turnout was much less spectacular than last year [quantity, that is...we didn't get as many posts] but hopefully y'all had some fun!

I'm not sure if or when we'll be holding another DAW, hopefully we'll hold another one sometime but who knows...we'll see. =]

Thanks again you guys! And remember, posting is closed but you can still comment on any posts you may have missed, or dicussions you want to continue, whatevs.

Your mods love you...
jadedanielle & kaitlinbell

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[Wednesday, Mar 21st, 2007  »  10:02pm]

With two hours left of DAW I'll just post some Stickly Darcos. They're not stellar, just random little jokes in my head that I've doodled in class, but they are definitely darco related and hopefully fellow fans understand what the mean XD

Follow to see Darco's still amazing even when they're stick figures
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[Wednesday, Mar 21st, 2007  »  7:40am]

10 Drabbles.
I was doing 100 of them, but i only got these done... I'll continue posting them at my journal if you're interested.

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Have a layout [Wednesday, Mar 21st, 2007  »  6:58am]

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

If those codes don't work for anyone who'd like to use it just let me know.

And DAW is over in fifteen hours! If you have a post you need to make now is the time to do it! =3
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Fic: Wreckage-T [Tuesday, Mar 20th, 2007  »  6:45pm]

Summary: When the party's over, what's left is the wreckage.
A/N: Written and posted over at Degrassi-Boards for a Season Six club Challenge.  A deleted scene for WIFLTBAG.  Focuses on Darco and the Mellie friendship.  Enjoy.

WreckageCollapse )
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darco is loveeeee [Tuesday, Mar 20th, 2007  »  12:44am]

[ mood | anxious ]

ughh this really is a piece of crap, i apologize in advance. i haven't written fanfiction since last year's DAW, so i'm a bit rusty. anyway i wrote this quickly. it's supposed to just be cute and humorous.. though i can't guarantee it'll be either.

goes along with dylan going to switzerlandCollapse )

happy darco week all!

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[Monday, Mar 19th, 2007  »  5:07am]

[ mood | crappy ]

It's not much, but here are 8 icons for y'all. I've been in an icon slump since...well, December, so I haven't been making many. However, I'll try to make even more before DAW ends! Here's hoping.

Also, just a note: keep the posts coming! We only have a little bit over two days of the week left. Post your icons, fics, discussions, whaaaatever. Just post it, we'd all love to see it. =]

Teasers ->

May I lead the way into temptation?Collapse )

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[Monday, Mar 19th, 2007  »  4:00am]

I was planning on doing a drabble 100 for DAW this year but I got myself swamped down at work and so it's not going to happen. I however, can steadily continue after DAW is over. SO, here are the first twelve.

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Degrassi - Marco/Dylan - Never Been Told Before [Saturday, Mar 17th, 2007  »  8:11pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Fandom: Degrassi
Pairing: Marco/Dylan
9 Tracks

found h e r e @ rocker_graphics

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Intro and Video [Saturday, Mar 17th, 2007  »  9:39pm]

Hello! I'm Kate :) I'm relatively new to the fandom...okay, very new. One of my RPing friends introduced me to Degrassi, and I'm in love! Darco is my absolute favourite couple, so I got all excited when I found this comm :D So to make this post actually semi-important, I made a video :) It's my first one, so hopefully it turned out okay!

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[Friday, Mar 16th, 2007  »  11:20pm]


32. degrassi icons, spoilers for canadians
101. odd other icons

follow the cut here to fangirlgraphics
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[Friday, Mar 16th, 2007  »  11:43am]

I'm not much of an icon maker. I stick to writing, but since it's DAW...

27Collapse )
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[Thursday, Mar 15th, 2007  »  7:03pm]

[ mood | awake ]

oo1. Degrassi Marco/Dylan Desktop 1024.768 and 800.600
oo1. Items
oo1. Degrassi Marco/Dylan desktop

found h e r e @ rocker_graphics

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[Thursday, Mar 15th, 2007  »  8:55pm]

[ mood | amused ]

To anyone who has tried to post...sorry! I thought that it had been unlocked, but it hadn't. You're NOW free to post. If you have any more problems with it, comment here and let me know!

Have fun!

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[Thursday, Mar 15th, 2007  »  12:40pm]

[ mood | embarrassed ]

Wow you guys. I'm so terribly sorry for the delay! I just arrived home from Spring Break and so I wasn't able to get this going at midnight like it was meant to be. However-


Begin posting anytime you wish with whatever you wish. And to start the threads I'll leave this post as a discussion.

Dylan's leaving for Switzerland. Positive, blessing in disguise, chance for character growth...or negative, relationship breaker, character breaker? All on you guys so welcome to DAW!! =D

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[Friday, Mar 9th, 2007  »  4:08pm]

Hello one and all Darco fans =3 On March 15th (the day of Darco's first date so long ago) will be the third DAW! As you well know DAW is the seven days of Marco/Dylan fame, where we the fans celebrate their pairing through graphics, writing, and discussion. This years, as many of those following the show know, will be exceptionally trying thanks to the writers sending Dylan off to Switzerland. We're crossing our fingers for the celebrated couple though! And hopefully this particular DAW will outshine the last two and keep the spirit alive despite Dylan's absense!

As far as contributions go pretty much anything you want to give is perfect and greatly appreciated. Whether that be graphics, ficcage, random speeches, basically anything as long as it has to do with and supports Darco. (see userinfo for certain guidelines)

The greatest hurdle of this will be the amount of people we can actually get involved. For that reason spread the word. Please. Below are four different pimp banners and their codes that you can post in your lj to alert your friends as well as passing fans.

Pimps BannersCollapse )

Along with the pimp banners there is also the community banner below one can place at the bottom of their posts that will lead them to this community in order to spread the word even more and to also lead them to the main site which will serve as an archive of sorts, keeping all works in one easy to access central place.

Post BannerCollapse )

As for the posting itself, it is optional where you do so. If you feel more comfortable actually posting in this community itself feel free to post directly here. Or, if you would rather, post in a seperate community using the post banner which will lead back here [aka a "fake cut"].

In conclusion, thanks to everyone who will be contributing this 15-21! We hope with saturating the fandom that maybe the popularity and appreciation of the couple will raise, boosting morale and the amount of media within it, overall bringing back our great numbers that once ruled this pairing. So every little bit helps!

Kate (Kaitlinbell) and Jade (Jade Danielle) [[notice the fantastic layout our mod has created. Give her cookies!]]
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Darco Appreciation Week is over =[ [Monday, Mar 13th, 2006  »  6:48am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Well...this past week has been amazing. With the episode on Monday and all the posting and commenting we got here, this was definitely the most successful DAW yet. Okay, so it was only the second one, but still. ;]

Thanks so much to everyone who posted and commented. I'm extremely pleased with how much participation we got this time around. And to those of you who didn't want it to end [hey, don't worry, I didn't want it to either]...don't worry, I can't imagine us not bringing it back again. I mean, we ended up bringing it back 4 months after the last one...which was sooner than we had ever considered. So you know, who knows when the next one might come back. =]

I'd like to take a sec to mention that while posting has been disabled, you can still comment! And please do. Keep conversations going. And please, please contribute to the Fic List. Only a few people commented...come on, I know more of you have to have some great fics to recommend! =}

Also...just being DAW is ending, doesn't mean the fandom has to die...here are three great places you can go on LJ:

To sum up...it's been a great seven days, and I hope to see y'all around for the next DAW...and I hope to see you guys on the communities listed above, as well! Keep the Darco love ALIVE! <3

-Jade Danielle

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[Monday, Mar 13th, 2006  »  4:24am]

[ mood | awake ]

I'll be closing Darco Appreciation Week in an hour or two...but for now, here's five Darco headers/banners for y'all. =] Also, until you see my closing post, feel free to continue posting!

BannerssssCollapse )

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[Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  10:32pm]

2 MarcoDylan-centric desktops available in 1024.786 and 800.600


(fake cut!)
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Darco videos [Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  8:19pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm here to post videos that Melanie and myself made. I hope you all enjoy them. Feedback would be super! 

From Lyddie:

Run Away

From Melanie:

You and Me
Total Eclipse of the Heart

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[Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  7:10pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Wow. We're hoppin' right now =D

Thought I'd take the chance to post some of my favorite Marco/Dylan fanart. This was NOT done by me, it's just some of my favorites that I collected for my Adamo site's fanart section and thought I should definitely share them with you guys =D

Degrassi Doodles by cat-chan
Marco x Dylan by spinal-tap
GLOMP by spinal-tap
DYLAN PLUSHIE by spinal-tap
You and I by spinal-tap
Shovel hands by KatieBell231
Darco Two by KatieBell231
Darco Kiss by KatieBell231
Darco Hug by KatieBell231
Darco Scribble by KatieBell231

Lots of links, I know, but you should check them all out, there's some great art in there! =]

EDIT: ALSO, I posted about this in other communities but totally forgot to mention it here, being the idiot I am. You can find 241 Marco caps from Total Eclipse right here and 146 Dylan caps right here. Enjoy =]

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[Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  6:52pm]

Okay, so since I like to follow the crowd I'll go ahead and post my thoughts on degrassi, darco, and so on and so forth.

I've been into degrassi since the first episode aired on the-n, noggin then. I liked it well enough that I watched it on and off. It wasn't till third season that i watched and obssessed about it as much as I did now, I do more now but whatever. I started being a cranny fan and a spaige. I didn't even like darco or know of its existence till It's raining men, and even then, I didn't look at the fan fics even though, I started reading them for cranny a month before. Wierdly enough, if you know of kaitlinbell and her fics, which i must venture a guess that you do, ff.net lists that we joined on the same day. Wierd, huh? But it wasn't a few months later about october last year that i started reading agian. I started talking to Anjel919 from ff.net and we got along well. A few months later about febuarary after my birthday, I started ljing and I joined the roleplay that Kaitlin and Jade and Kayli were in. I loved the fact it basically went around darco, and that the main people there loved it. they still do in fact. I made friends that were into darco as much as i was, if not more and i loved it. Kaitlin and i started talking about three weeks later and we have become very very close. I still love how roleplay has brought me together with these people who are just as obsessed with it as i am and that now even people in my real life like darco. My friend, Bekka, even read Kaitlin's fic before I even knew her! It's crazy, but Darco connected me to people who I love being friends with, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have met all the nice people I know now.

So, for that, I thank you Darco, for being a ship that makes us all pull together.
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[Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  4:34pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Well, I am just on time for the very last day. I am not sure really what to say. Except maybe this.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. All of you for still remaining such strong Darco fans. I have loved the since the very begining and it as not stopped once, even after the broke up. And I think we are all extremely lucky to have gotten an episode dedicated to our Darco reunion. And with all the negativity going around, it's awesome to see that there are still totally dedicated Darco fans out there. I am counting on you guys to cheer me up and brighten my day. Especially at this time where everybody else seems to be against them. And they are one of the few Degrassi couples who have truly let their love be known. Both ways.

I still have my edition of The Advocate, as well as some articles I cut out of newspapers and TV Guides about them. And my site is still up for people to see. I'm working on my updates now. It's taking a while because there is just so much.

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Ok I guess I'll post... [Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  7:06pm]

[ mood | content ]

Since this is the last day of this Darco week, I'll post my thoughts and my experiences.

To start from the beginning...Collapse )

So to close up this entry, last November d.tv had a chat with Adamo and Shane. I won to be a part of the chat and it was quite amusing. They haven't posted the transcript of that, but I just dmailed the Exec about it yesterday...so hopefully it can go up soon. Darco was mention in the chat. Adamo wanted to know what the couple name of Marco and Dylan was and we all said Darco. He thanked me for liking all the episodes that he was in. Well, he asked all of us which episodes were our favorites and I said just about all the Marco episodes (which is the truth) and Adamo thanked me for it. Yea, I can't remember too much more. It was quite interesting...alright that's about it from me. Comment if you like :)

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[Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  3:41pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

I've wanted to do this all week (and last DAW), I'm not quite sure what took me so long, and even though I have a lot of work I need to get to, that can (hopefully) wait.

Let's start from the beginning. I have never neccesarily not liked the quite perfect combination of Marco and Dylan. There may have been times when I wasn't as interested, but never doubted that they were great for each other.

Summer 2003, the same summer in which I got into Degrassi. That year, in the weeks leading up to the season 3 premiere, so of you may remember The N running a countdown that featured the top 100 Degrassi moments or something like that, including previews of the new season-and an introduction to some of the new characters including, if I recall correctly, Dylan was one of them. And at that the speculations began-Paige had mentioned a certain brother not once but twice beforehand, and at that point there really only was one character whom he could catch the eye of. And from that point until the end of the season, nobody actually doubted them getting together.

Still, I thought they were cute and all, but they were definitely not the reason I watched the show for. It was the time before I started downloading, but I would still read the episode summaries, and when I heard about It's Raining Men, I was actually almost dreading it, it generally didn't seem like something I would be all too interested in. The commercials came along, and I didn't change my mind that much.

Here's where the weird part comes in-it was the Thursday before It's Raining Men premiered, and I had this dream-I really don't remember, something about Marco. Anyways, I woke up on the morning of July 9th, 2004, and was looking forward to it so much I could barely contain myself.

And my god, did I love that episode. Over that summer I watched it religously about a hundred times a day, and soon the arrival of TiVo in our household came around and I would just sit at home rewinding and watching the end of it over and over and over and in slow-motion and over and over. I told it to all my friends (and mind you, this was still in my "I'm-in-denial-about-the-fact-that-I'm-completely-addicted-to-Degrassi" phase, so this was big stuff. I remember one morning I woke up and thought "another new day devoted to pondering about on Marco and Dylan". I wrote about them for my literary magazine-a short about their kiss, as told from Marco's point of view. Of course because it was told in first person, nobody really figured that it could possibly be about two guys. One girl told me that she liked it-I thanked her then told her that it was in fact about that, and I think that changed her mind.

Seeing Total Eclipse of the Heart this week completely brought back those feelings I had nearly two years ago, and I love them now more than ever. I don't know quite why, maybe it was the dream I had a while back-maybe it's just because there's nothing hotter than two adorable boys kissing.

Wow, that was longer than I expected. And now I really have to get to work.

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33 Avatars [Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  2:17pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I made 33 new avatars for you guys! All of which are from Total Eclipse of the Heart (with the exception ofa couple from various Darco related episodes).


See them behind this here fake cut to my livejournal
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[Sunday, Mar 12th, 2006  »  9:49am]

I guess this is the last day of Darco Week, I wish it could be extended, but it won't. It should be resorected for a 3rd time soon, though. I hope it will at least.
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1 more week! [Saturday, Mar 11th, 2006  »  11:00pm]
I love this week its been fun! Does any1 wanna extend darco week for another week? ONE IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!
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[Saturday, Mar 11th, 2006  »  6:58pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Only a little over a day left in Darco Week! We should totally try to make the last day or so be the best yet. Post your favorite pictures, some graphics, art, talk about some of your favorite moments or episodes, talk about ANYTHING Darco related, link us to some of your fics, annnnything. If it's related to Darco it's welcome =D

Anyway, speaking of fics...I'd meant to do this earlier on in the week but as I mentioned before I was pretty dead-brained after Monday and I hadn't really gotten myself to...do anything xD but better late than never, eh? Kaitlin and I thought it would be a good idea to make a HUGE fic compilation post. Everyone can comment with a bunch of their favorite fics and I'll keep updating the list and soon we'll just have one big huge list of the best Marco/Dylan fics right here to keep everyone busy =D So just comment with the fic URL and title. I'll get us started off, shall I?

Fic ListCollapse )

Comment away! =]

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[Friday, Mar 10th, 2006  »  8:54am]

A Marco Del Rossi, Dylan Michalchuk, Adamo Ruggiero, John Bregar Picspam! Not for the faint of heart, or the faint of butt... also, not so good for dial-upCollapse )
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[Friday, Mar 10th, 2006  »  6:12am]

Because my brain has been dead ever since Monday, I've been slacking off on running things I had been planning on running during the week. Not to mention the fact that, apparently, kaitlinbell's internet disappeared. x_x HOWEVER! I bring you a post of lovely pictures. =D

MarcoxDylan picsCollapse )
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[Friday, Mar 10th, 2006  »  3:08am]

50 icons 'specially for darco_week =]


Click meCollapse )
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Darco comic. [Thursday, Mar 9th, 2006  »  10:36pm]

[ mood | giddy ]

It's been a good week this week hasn't it? I thought so. I decided I would share something with you all.

I know this was kind of a big deal last time Darco week was around, but I was too lazy to fully draw out good looking characters (though I can!), so I guess you can say I adopted some darco stick figures.

Spoilers for TEOTH and the first 3 Adventures of Marco and Dylan <3Collapse )

Hope you enjoy! I have 2 others i'm working on. Hopefully I can get them posted in better quality than these were. My camera was not being nice, the scanner died, and things were just not working for me. So the text is hard to read(the last two came out way pixelated). Sorry about that. That's why I typed up the dialogue underneath. Comments are love.

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hi! [Thursday, Mar 9th, 2006  »  1:28pm]

[ mood | good ]

I'm new here, although I've been a Dylan/Marco fan forever (and I've been a fan of all of the "Degrassi" shows, which lets you know that I am a) Canadian, and b) probably older than the rest of you). I just joined so I haven't had a chance to check out everyone else's stuff, but I wanted to post a few links of my own.

i. a Dylan/Marco colourbar (includes spoilers for this week's show)
ii. Dylan/Marco picture post
iii. screencaps of TEotH
iv. two D/M fics I wrote last year: Seconds and Scorched. I'm hoping to write more, I think I've been encouraged by this week's ep. :)

I think this comm and this week is a great idea.

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[Wednesday, Mar 8th, 2006  »  11:16pm]

o21.) Icons
o21.) Degrassi (spoilers if you're not up on the episodes in Canada)
oo4.) Desktops
oo2.) Degrassi
oo2.) John Bregar


(fake cut to my graphics journal)
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Fanvid: Mess [Wednesday, Mar 8th, 2006  »  8:08pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Finally uploaded it to YouTube. A rather angsty Darco fanvid (again, from the fanspasm of Moonlight Desires), with a suggestion of Craig/Marco.


I hope you like it!

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you know your obssessed with darco when.. [Wednesday, Mar 8th, 2006  »  6:30pm]
1. You make a darco t-shirt
2. You make a darco soundtrack
3. Dylan being shirtless in TEOTH makes you drool
4. You were happy for days after TEOTH

any more?
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songs for darco [Wednesday, Mar 8th, 2006  »  9:19am]
Anyone have any cute songs that remind them of Darco? I'm trying to make a soundtrack.
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[Tuesday, Mar 7th, 2006  »  9:54pm]

Teasers:01.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us 02.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
SPOILERS, Boys set, 41 icons at least 16 Darco
Heather Sinclair's noise never looked so fake
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Official TEOTH Discussion Post [Tuesday, Mar 7th, 2006  »  3:06pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Since no one made a post for people to comment last nights episode, I though I would. Especially since I have a lot things I would like to say about it all. Beware: spoilers of al sorts, and a HUGE article of my ranting. :)

Spoilers under here for those who have yet to see it, obvsCollapse )

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